General Training is held two times a year. Participants of the training are enterprises engaged in communications satellites that send representatives to participate in training. This training discusses the basics knowledge of the satellite in the fields of technology, operation and maintenance as well as regulations to the practice.

SAs for In House Training materials adapted to the demands and needs of the user.

International Seminar APSAT (Asia Pacific Satellite Systems), where of ASSI has carried out since 2002 until today without intermission. This event is a forum for communication and technology updates as well as satellite business for all stakeholders from Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

ASSI  held several exhibitions held in conjunction with an international seminar APSAT, where participants are sponsors APSAT exhibition itself, while the visitors are also participants APSAT.

As a company certification accredited by KAN , we help companies that require certification of companies (enterprises) satellite telecommunications.

Initiating the national standard of technician. The results of such standards has been approved by the Ministry of Labor in 2008 in the form SKKNI (Indonesia National Competence) satellite telecommunications technician. ASSI in this case is fully supported by Depkominfo. SKKNI can be used as a reference for improving the quality of human resources, but can not be implemented due to the lack of support from the industry.

University Stadium General, namely the activities of ASSI in the popularization and application of satellite technology to the university.

In coordination and regulation, ASSI hold a workshop on regulatory issues, followed by the members.

ASSI conduct business review in the field of satellite technology and services in an effort to improve the scientific and intellectual community empowerment and business opportunities for members of the ASSI particular and telecommunications business in general.