The meetings held by the council’s members are as follows:

Annual Member Meeting

Annual Member Meeting is a regular meeting which held every year that aim to assess the performance of management during the year. Discussed the activities that have been carried out, the discussion of financial statement discussion of activities (work program) that have not been realized which will then be evaluated and to set the work program in the coming year. This meeting was attended by the board and the representatives of the company members of ASSI.

Extraordinary Member Meeting

Extraordynary Member Meeting is the highest authority within ASSI. This meeting performance of its duties based on Pancasila, the Constitution and Bylaws of ASSI. In this meeting duties and authority entitled to dismiss the previous ASSI management and then select, validate and establish new Chairman of ASSI, as well as set the Secretary General and Treasurer. To then turn over and mandated work programs decided in the annual member meeting. This meeting usually held every three years, in accordance with the period of tenure of the Chairman of ASSI or a maximum of 6 years (if the period is extended for 1 Chairman of ASSI next period with the approval of the Permanent Members of the Board Management of ASSI in writing).

Member Gathering

Members gathering was meeting members of the student council as a forum for sharing knowledge about the latest info about the regulation of the satellite, the socialization of new organizational structures, etc.