Indonesian Space Society by ASSI Proudly Present:

“Empowering Indonesian Youth for Space Innovation and Development”

The APSAT HACKATHON invites talented individuals to innovate in space and satellite technology, aiming to revolutionize an industry perceived as outdated, particularly in their nation. They empower youth to redefine the future by encouraging participation in shaping a new era of satellite innovation.

Submission date: February 28, 2024
Submission form:


Rules and Requirements
Team Eligibility:
1. You are either student or young professional.
2. ⁠2 – 3 individuals per team.
2. ⁠Each Team only submit one proposal.
3. Strictly prohibits the disclosure of personal names, group affiliations, product names, and recognizable images.

1. Business Strategy: Develop innovative business strategies leveraging space technology to drive company growth, optimize management systems, and improve work efficiency, with a focus on enhancing performance in the satellite industry through ongoing and potential innovation projects.
2. ⁠Technological Advancement: Explore practical, commercially viable innovations in space technology, including software, hardware, and various technologies, with a focus on fostering impactful advancements that deliver substantial benefits.
3. ⁠ Social Innovation : Explore space technology-driven innovations aimed at societal and humanitarian development, highlighting completed or ongoing projects with significant impacts on the environment and human resource development.

Award and Prizes
1. Millions of Rupiah
2. ⁠International stage presence
3. ⁠Renowned mentors
4. ⁠Recognition across space industries.


For more information:
Please visit for detailed Rules and Requirements:

– 0822 – 1822 – 0220 (WhatsApp)
– (Email)

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