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As an archipelago state that has more than 17 thousand islands with various geographical conditions, Indonesia needs support of telecommunication infrastructure, whether terrestrial and satellite, in order to accelerate the distribution of digital transformation to remote areas of the country. In this case, satellite technology has an important role in providing connectivity and reaching all regions of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, fastly and reliably.

Indonesian Satellite Association (ASSI) that assembles satellite-based telecommunication service business enterprises in Indonesia, takes an active role in encouraging collaboration with stakeholders including the government, regulators, industry venture, media, society, and other associations to contribute the equity of digital transformation towards achieving Indonesia Gold 2045.

Furthermore, ASSI will continue to develop programs towards a sustainable satellite industry ecosystem. ASSI will take a strategic role in being able to represent the satellite industry in Indonesia, regionally as well as globally. ASSI also views the importance of developing human resources for the sustainable growth of the satellite industry in Indonesia.

It is hoped that ASSI can make a positive contribution for the satellite industry in Indonesia, particularly the distribution of digital transformation to remote areas of the country. ASSI will strengthen its position to maintain consistent collaboration with all stakeholders towards a sustainable satellite ecosystem and Indonesia Gold 2045.

Dr. Anggoro Kurnianto Widiawan