The APSAT 2017 is the 16th ASSI’s consecutive annual international conference series on the satellite communication aspect and it is a remarkable annual event in Indonesia and it is being acknowledged, recognized and endorsed by telecommunication international societies, professionals and government institutions. The APSAT 2017 have becomes the most important satellite technology conference event of the year in Indonesia, with sharing knowledge from many leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users, college community and enthusiasts together in one place. For more than 16 years, APSAT has played a critical role in determining how satellites will shape the future of telecommunication Indonesia and Asia Pacific region. The conference welcomes a community of aerospace professional from every market and field of study in Asia Pacific region.

ASSI (Asosiasi Satelit Indonesia) or (The Indonesian Satellite Association) is an inclusive non-profit organization, based in Bandung, established in 1998, has aim to promote and encourage the satellite industry, including the satellite community development in Indonesia, through national-international multi discipline collaboration; and to address wide range satellite related issues.

Indonesia in Asia’s fastest growing satellite market as government steps up infrastructure budget with plans to boost economic growth, which the growth of ICT contribution to GDP is consistently double digit in the last 10 years. Indonesia Broadband Plan (IBP) is become acceleration era in 2015-2019 with focus to solving national connectivity issues. In this phase, IBP will focus on providing broadband services to all districts, schools, and public facilities, strengthening connectivity by improving government secured network and consolidating data center.

During APSAT 2017, we will discuss major issues such as:

  • Market opportunities, growth potentials and profitability of markets are very divergent, requiring innovative solutions in technology and business. The perspective and sharing discussion among leader’s players in satellite operator and also in the entire value chain of the satellite industries such as satellite manufactures, launch service providers, ground equipment manufacturers, VSAT’s providers and satellite service providers.
  • The Broadband experience through satellite, will be our focus in this conference. There some discussion about how space-segment technology evolving at such a rapid pace has forced significant advances in ground-based technology, what issue of accelerating Broadband experience in Indonesia and Asia Pacific region.
  • The telecom sector continues to be at the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry. Being connected continues to become cheaper. Connectivity is capturing a smaller proportion of the information value chain while content, service, and product deliverers capture more. How downward pricing pressures in some world regions, coupled with the aggressive plans of emerging marketplace entrants, are forcing the big players to innovate and think differently about the value equation for communications via satellite
  • The increasing options in launch vehicles are changing the economics of getting into space and doing business there. The adaption of satellite manufacturing techniques and spacecraft builders to new paradigms era of satellite business.
  • How can the satellite industry adapt itself to the requirements of the new age in the changed environment? How technology innovations and the demand will meet expectation to deliver communications services efficiently, ubiquitously, and reliably?
  • Financing for the “new space” era means millions of dollars are flowing into the idea pipeline, promising to change the future of space-based services, creating winners and losers over the next few years as companies address new market realities

In the context of 4 decades of satellite operation in Indonesia, since 1976, satellite connectivity is still the key to building new economies in remote developing regions and as strategic innovation to unify people around Indonesia. If people have that basic connectivity, it becomes the first step to creating job markets and independent, thriving communities. The greatest drivers for the growth are security & emergency network, video services, broadband access, cellular backhaul, financial network, enterprise network, school network, healthy services and public and government network.

Broadband satellite as HTS satellite will continue evolve as now we facing fifth generation, with better and advanced broadband satellite, that super-efficient compare to first generation. The HTS satellite also impact on satellite spectrum resource that must be managed very efficient way.  The race of HTS constellation also give disruptive innovation and challenge for existing satellite operator, that can’t enjoy the comfort zone anymore.

The next major trend that will impact is the explosion of connected devices by 2020 such as IoT (Internet of Things), massive video streaming, and mobile payments. The number of “connected things” and embedded devices continues to grow as mobile and “smart” device utilization and connectivity continues to expand, which will ultimately shape and define the IoT space. As custodians of the networks, carriers play a pivotal role in fighting the new threats that are emerging. The desire for greater security may be a boon for carriers, if they embrace the need.

The satellite industry is now poised for relatively steady long-term growth driven by technology innovation and underlying demand for consumer-based services. Technology innovation, such as electronic propulsion and dynamic power allocation (and possibly lower cost launch), will have broad implications for satellite design and construction, which, in turn, can change the cost structure of new capacity deployment.

Having the above information, APSAT 2017 will have 2 days conference to address satellite technology, business and regulation issues.

During 1st day, the conference will focus on satellite businesses and market, which start from panel discussion from international satellite business player with focus potential market in Asia Pacific region, then from satellite and launcher manufacture with focus cost leadership in Broadband satellite, after that we will continue discussion with satellite broadband player in this region with focus in broadband satellite experience. In the afternoon, we will have discussion on Satellite Broadband technology in the future from the ground manufacture.

On the 2nd day, we will have updated information on satellite cellular backhaul technology and demand. Then we will continue with knowledge sharing and discussion from satellite financing agency with focus on challenging and opportunity of satellite financial.   In the next session, we will have information about government, military, maritime and enterprise network session.

The theme for the APSAT 2017 is “True Broadband Experience Through Satellite”


  1. A tool to enrich, encourage and support the satellite industry and community development in Asia-Pacific region and Indonesia in particular.
  2. A practical discussion medium among the satellite industry experts addressing the eminent and future issues, technology, application, regulatory and business issues focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, through sharing experience, information and idea in the satellite related matters.
  3. A medium for future co-operation, business engaging and non-profit mutual collaboration.

Day 1

Wednesday, May 17th 2017
Dress code: Business Formal

08:00 AM


09:00 AM

Opening Session

Welcome Address
Dani Indra W, Chairman, ASSI

Keynote Speech
Rudiantara, Ministry of ICT, Indonesia

ASSI Lifetime Achievement Award

09:30 AM

Coffee Break

09:45 AM

Session-1: Satellite Executive Roundtable
Focus: Broadband Potential in the Region
Panelist: Global, Regional and Local Satellite Operator

  1. David Bangun, Chief Strategy Officer of TELKOM
  2. Steve Callor, CEO of O3B Networks
  3. Jean François Fenech, CEO of Eutelsat Asia
  4. Huang Baozhong, EVP of APT Satellite Company Ltd.
  5. Koichiro Matsufuji, GM Global Business Division of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
  6. Adi Rahman Adiwoso, CEO of PSN

Moderator: Virgil Labrador, Editor in Chief of Los Angeles, Satellite Markets & Research

11:15 AM

Session-2: Launcher for Broadband Satellite
Focus: Cost Leadership to Support Broadband Satellite

  1. Nobuyuki Shiina, Senior Deputy Manager – MHI Launch Services
  2. Li Hongqing, General Manager, Asia Pacific Division of China Great Wall Industry Corporation
  3. Kevin Reyes, Senior Director, Sales – Asia-Pacific Region of ILS
  4. Richard Bowles, Managing Director for Asean countries of Arianespace
  5. Ryan Wiltshire, Commercial Sales of SpaceX

Moderator: Caleb Henry, Writer of Space News

12:45 PM

Lunch Break

01:30 PM

Session-3: Broadband Executive Roundtable
Focus: Broadband Satellite Experiences
Panelist: Broadband Players, Satellite Operator

  1. Patrick M. French, Head of Business Development, Asia-Pac of Intelsat
  2. Imran Malik, VP APAC Sales of O3B Networks
  3. Jacques-Samuel Prolon, Chief Commercial Officer of Kacific Broadband Satellites
  4. Vaibhav Magow, Senior Director – Asia Pacific of Hughes Network Systems, LLC
  5. Dani Indra W, Director of Planning and Development – PSN

Moderator: Mustapha Elriz, CEO of SAT Consult

03:00 PM

Coffee Break

03:15 PM

Session-4: Broadband Satellite Industry Player
Focus: Satellite Broadband Technology in the Future
Panelist: Satellite Operator, Satellite Manufacturer, Ground Equipment Manufacturer, Service Provider

  1. Albert Weitzel, Director of SSL
  2. Fu Zhiheng, Vice President of China Great Wall Industry Corporation
  3. David Gelerman, President & CEO of Advantech Wireless
  4. Sjoerd De Clerk, Vice President of Newtec Asia

Moderator: Susan Bull, Senior Consultant of COMSYS

04:45 PM

Closing day-1

Day 2

Thursday, May 18th 2017
Dress Code: Batik

08:30 AM


09:00 AM

Session-5: Cellular Backhaul
Focus: 4G LTE Over Satellite

  1. Mohammad Mustaghfirin, VP Network Planning & Engineering of TELKOMSEL
  2. Heramarwan, VP New Business & Development of METRASAT
  3. Zhang Yu, Senior Sales Manager of CHINA SATCOM
  4. Daniel Kim, Executive Director for Sales, KTSAT Co. Ltd.
  5. Raghvendra Singh, GM of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies India

Moderator: Stephane Chenard, Associate Senior Analyst of Euroconsult

10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM

Session-6: Satellite Financing
Focus: Financing For Satellite, Challenge and Opportunity

  1. John Munro, Managing Director, Aviation & Aerospace of Marsh (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  2. Widodo, President Director of PT. Universal Satelit Indonesia
  3. Thomas Choi, CEO of ABS
  4. Rizal Ahmad Fauzi, AVP Capital & Debt Management of TELKOM
  5. Olivier Guilbert, Sales Director – South-East Asia of Thales Alenia Space

Moderator: Mustapha Elriz, CEO of SAT Consult

12:15 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Session-7: Satellite Mobile Communication, Land, Maritime and Military
Focus: Delivering Innovations and Broadband Experience for Satellite Mobile Communication, Land, Maritime and Military Network

  1. Leslie Klein, CEO & President of C-COM Satellite System Inc.
  2. Thomas Pfister, Telecom Satellites Sales Director Asia of Airbus Defence & Space
  3. Endi Fitri, Business Director of Patrakom
  4. Lee Marston, Director Pre-Sales Engineering of Inmarsat
  5. DR. Agung Harsoyo, Commissioner of BRTI

Moderator: Eddie Kato, General Manager of New York Broadband LLC

2:30 PM

Closing Speech: APSAT 2017 Director, Mr. Sigit Jatiputro

2:45 PM

Coffee Break

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Session 1

David Bangun

Steve Callor

Jean François Fenech

Huang Baozhong

EVP of APT Satellite Company Ltd.

Mr. Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President of APT Satellite Company Ltd (APT) responsible for marketing and sales. Before joining APT, he had been working in a series of senior positions such as the Vice President of China Satellite Communications Corporation, Vice President of China Direct Broadcast Satellite Company Limited and Vice President of China’s SINO Satellite Company Limited.

Koichiro Matsufuji

GM Global Business Division of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

In 1990, Matsufuji started his career in the satellite industry when he joined Space Communications Corporation (SCC), Japanese satellite operator.
First ten years working at the company, he had been involved in several procurement programs including spacecraft, launcher and insurance.

In 2006, he was appointed as Head of Business Strategy, then in 2011, after the merger of JSAT and SCC, he assumed COO of JSAT International, Washington DC based U.S. subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT.

Since July 2015, he has been responsible for global sales and marketing at SKY Perfect JSAT in Tokyo.

Adi Rahman Adiwoso

Virgil Labrador

Editor in Chief of Los Angeles, Satellite Markets & Research

Virgil Labrador is the Editor-in-Chief of Los Angeles, California-based Satellite Markets and Research which publishes a web portal on the satellite industry, the monthly Satellite Executive Briefing magazine and occasional industry reports called MarketBriefs.

Virgil is one of the few trade journalists who has a proven track record working in the commercial satellite industry. He worked as a senior executive for a teleport in Singapore, the Asia Broadcast Center, then-owned by the US broadcasting company CBS. He has co-authored two books on the history of satellite communications and satellite technology. He also writes a regular column on the satellite industry for Asia Pacific Broadcasting.

His articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He holds a Master’s in Communications Management from the University of Southern California (USC). He can be reached at

Session 2

Nobuyuki Shiina

Senior Deputy Manager – MHI Launch Services

Nobuyuki Shiina is Senior Deputy Manager of MHI launch services, Business Development Department, Space Systems Division, MHI. He is responsible for sales & marketing of the current H-IIA Launch Services, including the next generation launch vehicles (H3).

From 2002-2009, Shiina served at Hitachi High-Technologies. Ltd as sales & marketing team for semiconductor and related electric parts for consumer products. From 2009 to present, he is working at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. as Senior Deputy Manager of Sales & Marketing of MHI’s Space Systems Division.

Li Hongqing

General Manager, Asia Pacific Division of China Great Wall Industry Corporation

Mr. Li Hongqing (Howard) is now the General Manager at Asia Pacific Division of China Great Wall Industry Corporation. He started his career at space industry since early 1990s, and has more than fifteen (15) year experience in satellite and launch services business. Mr. Li used to work in Long March launch services programs for Optus B3, Apstar-IIR and Globalstar, as well as the in-obit delivery satellite business for Apstar-9, Apstar-6C, Apstar-6D, and other satellite program development in Asia Pacific region. He also has many years working experience in information technology for multinational companies such as SGI and Unisys, and responsible for procurement at Greater China region. He graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology and held a master degree from China Academy of Space Technology.

Kevin Reyes

Senior Director, Sales – AsiaPacific Region of ILS

Kevin Reyes is Senior Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific Region at ILS International Launch Services, responsible for Proton and Angara 1.2 launch service sales.

Reyes joined ILS in 2016 after 32 years with The Boeing Company. Reyes’ Boeing career included various launch vehicle programs, including Titan, Delta, and Sea Launch. At Boeing Launch Services, Reyes was responsible for all post-ULA commercial Delta II and Delta IV launch service sales. Most recently, Reyes was assigned to Boeing’s Commercial Satellite Systems with customers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Reyes has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from CSU, Stanislaus; Master of Science degrees in Systems Management and Systems Architecting and Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Richard Bowles

Managing Director for Asean countries of Arianespace

Richard Bowles undertook his graduate engineer studies with Rolls Royce Aero Engine and Loughborough University of Technology. Mr Bowles joined Arianespace in December 1986.

He was charged with the task of developing the market for small GTO Satellites essential for the commercial success of the Arianespace Dual Launch Policy. Mr Bowles rightly identified the then under-developed need in SE Asia for this class of satellites.

Mr. Bowles was responsible for the signing of first Satellite Launch Contracts in S.E. Asia outside of Indonesia.

He founded the Arianespace Singapore Representative Office in 1996. Since then, the majority of customers in the region has signed launch contracts with Arianespace, which has been essential to the success of the Arianespace Dual Launch Policy. He is currently the Managing Director of Arianespace Singapore.

Ryan Wiltshire

Commercial Sales of SpaceX

Mr. Wiltshire is SpaceX’s Director of Commercial Sales, with primary responsibility for commercial business development efforts in the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. Prior to joining SpaceX in 2013, Mr. Wiltshire worked on Aircraft Engines, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Wind Turbines, and Smart Grid Technology throughout his time at General Electric.

Mr. Wiltshire received his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s in Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, along with a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Caleb Henry

Writer of Space News

Caleb Henry is a SpaceNews staff writer who reports for both the SpaceNews website and magazine. He specializes in covering the satellite communications sector, including satellite manufacturers, operators and launchers.

Additionally, Caleb covers telecom companies and organizations that rely on satellites. He has moderated panels on topics such as HTS, Ultra-HD broadcasting and orbital launch systems.

Prior to SpaceNews, Caleb wrote for Via Satellite Magazine and NewSpace Global’s monthly industry report, Thruster. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science along with a minor in Astronomy from Grove City College.

Session 3

Patrick M. French

Head of Business Development, Asia-Pac of Intelsat

Patrick M. French has been Head of Business Development, Asia-Pacific for Intelsat since January 2014. In this role, Patrick is responsible for developing Intelsat’s strategic relationships with satellite operators and core partners across Asia. A key focus is development of Intelsat’s orbital assets and market access issues working in close collaboration with Intelsat’s Sales and Corporate Strategy teams. Patrick was also appointed an Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) Vice President in March 2015. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and attended the 1999 ISU Summer Session. He is fluent in French.

Imran Malik

VP APAC Sales of O3B Networks

Imran Malik, heads up the O3b Networks regional sales team which is responsible for business development across the Asia-Pacific regions.

Imran Malik has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Satellite Communications. Prior to joining O3b Networks Imran served as the CEO of Supernet Ltd., the leading data communications service provider in Pakistan, for six years. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of PAKSAT International which operates the PAKSAT-1R satellite. A pinnacle of Imran’s career includes his time as a board member at Telecard Limited, a telecommunications service provider listed on the Karachi stock exchange in Pakistan. In early 1999 Imran joined Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (LMGT), a wholly owned subsidiary of the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Prior to this Imran was posted to Singapore as a key member of a joint venture with General Electric (GE) called Americom Asia-Pacific (AAP) for the launch and operation of two communications satellites covering the Asia-Pacific region. All this followed his initial career start with Hughes Network Systems back in 1990.

Imran has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Oklahoma and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University.

Jacques-Samuel Prolon

Chief Operating Officer of Kacific Broadband Satellites

Jacques-Samuel has over 15 years’ experience in senior telecommunications and IT roles. He is familiar with the challenges of scaling-up companies, building world-class operational teams and managing strategic partnerships on the global stage. Before joining Kacific he spent a decade working for language technology solutions company, Appen Butler Hill, helping take it from start-up to a global leadership position. As Senior Vice President Operations, he led project teams in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Prior to that he worked for Altran Europe, providing project management and infrastructure optimisation services to Philips, Solvay Group, BASE, Sud Presse and British Telecom.

He holds an eMBA from the AGSM and two masters degrees, including a telecommunications engineering degree from a French grande ecole, Telecom Sud Paris. Like other members of the Kacific team, Jacques-Samuel is strongly committed improving the economic wellbeing of Pacific nations.

Vaibhav Magow

Dani Indra W

Mustapha Elriz

CEO of SAT Consult

Mustapha has an active presence in the satellite sector since 36 years, focusing primarily on emerging regions. In 2006, he created SATConsult, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that supports its customers in the implementation of satellite-based telecommunications infrastructure worldwide. Currently acting as SATConsult’s CEO, he coordinates a team of high-level experts in order to support feasibility studies,  procurement and construction monitoring of space & ground systems. Previously, as RascomStar CEO, he led to the development of the Pan-African satellite project up to the financial closing.

In August 2016, he inked a partnership with Euroconsult and contributed to build a worldwide  advisory group present in all the value chain of satellite consultancy

Session 4

Albert Weitzel

Director of SSL

Mr. Albert Weitzel is a Director in Advanced Programs and Systems at SSL, a leading provider of innovative satellites and spacecraft systems. Based in Palo Alto, California, he is responsible for developing satellite architectures and preparing proposals for the company’s communications satellites and systems in the Southeast Asia region.

Mr. Weitzel has more than 30 years’ experience in the aerospace industry, primarily in communications satellite systems. Mr. Weitzel has worked in payload integration and test, systems engineering, and program management on multiple satellite programs prior to leading proposal efforts.

Fu Zhiheng

Vice President of China Great Wall Industry Corporation

Mr. Fu Zhiheng is the Executive Vice President of China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), which specializes in China’s international commercial space business. He is in charge of international business development of space products and services including satellites and launch services. During his career, he has taken various managerial positions in business development, sales and program management for international space programs. He has over 20 years’ experiences in the space industry.

David Gelerman

President & CEO of Advantech Wireless

Mr. David Gelerman founded Advantech Wireless in 1988, serving initially as President and, since March 2006, as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Gelerman has held various positions at Nortel Networks, including Manager of the Transmission Networks Division, where he managed and supervised teams which developed several key Point-to-Point (P2P) radio systems. Mr. Gelerman holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), specializing in Wireless Communications and Broadcasting.

Sjoerd De Clerck

Vice President of Sales for Newtec Asia

Sjoerd De Clerck graduated in 1985 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ghent. After graduating, Sjoerd joined Barco NV in 1986 as a Product Support Engineer and has held the last decades several VP roles within the company.

For two years, until 1994, he was active in M&A activities for the company until he founded the Control Room Division based on an external acquisition. In 2000, Sjoerd started the Digital Cinema Division where he was responsible for P&L responsibilities where he managed the R&D, sales and customer support teams.

From 2006 he became responsible for the European and South American growth markets and was promoted to the Vice President of Customer Services EMEA-LA in 2009 before joining Newtec as VP Asia of Sales end of 2016.

Susan Bul

Session 5

Mohammad Mustaghfirin


Zhang Yu

Senior Sales Manager of CHINA SATCOM

Zhang Yu is a Senior Sales Manager for China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(CHINA SATCOM). Based in Beijing with over 10 years of experience in satellite field, he has been working as Satellite Engineer, Orbit Engineer and now Sales for SE Asia Market.

Mr. Zhang holds a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), and his Master Degree in Electric Engineering from Tsinghua University in China.

Daniel Kim

Executive Director for Sales, KTSAT Co. Ltd.

Mr. Daniel Kim serves as Executive Director of Global Sales at KT SAT (Korea Telecom Satellite) and he is responsible for marketing and developing sales prospects with leading industry operators, telcos and broadcasters in Asia and MEA. He has more than 15 years experience in the satellite industry as follows.

  • Executive Director, Global Marketing & Sales at KTSAT (’15 ~ Present)
  • Managing Director, Dubai Office at KTSAT (’11 ~ ’15)
  • Senior Director, Domestic Marketing & Sales at KT (’10 ~ ’11)
  • KOREASAT Project Director, USA Office at KT (’08 ~ ’09)
  • Network Planning Manager at KT (’02 ~ ’07)

Raghvendra Singh

Stephane Chenard

Associate Senior Analyst of Euroconsult

Senior Associate Consultant Attended the Institute for Political Studies, 1984. Assistant editor of Interavia Space Markets, a Jane’s Information Group trade publication, 1988-91. Joined Euroconsult in 1992.

Currently a senior associate consultant, particularly in charge of the due diligence assessments, which Stephane performs on satellite projects for or in relation with the financial community. Until 2002, also served as editor and principal author of Euroconsult’s World Space Market Survey multi-client report series (annual), for which he developed a large part of the forecasting methodology and continues to perform in-depth research on all satellite communication markets, with special emphasis on Asia (including substantially all client research and studies performed on the Indonesian market), Africa and the Middle East. In 2014 Stephane produced Euroconsult’s comprehensive report on Military Satellite Communications, based on over nine months of dedicated research.

Session 6

John Munro


President Director of PT. Universal Satelit Indonesia

Widodo Mardijono was born in 1965 in Java Province, Purwokerto-Indonesia and graduated from Telecommunication Engineering from ITS Surabaya followed then in Astranautical and Satellite Communication Engineering at UCLA and got Master in Marketing at Prasetiya Mulya Jakarta.

He joined with TELKOM as satellite engineer on 1989 in the area of Satellite Operation than went to SATELINDO, Telkom Subsidiary 1993 as Operation Manager of Satellite until 2001 than joined to INDOSAT company. he then in charge for managed marketing and business development for the Company.

In 2010 he left from Indosat to create DTH Company SKYNINDO in Jakarta after then worked for BRI for preparing BRI satellite. Right now he run the Company PT. UNIVERSAL SATELIT INDONESIA namely UNISAT as co-founder and CEO.

Thomas Choi


Thomas Choi is the CEO of ABS and has over 25 years of experience in the Satellite and Aerospace industry.  ABS is one of the fastest growing satellite operators in the world. Operating seven satellites in orbit, ABS serves customers from the Americas to Asia Pacific.  ABS plans to add more satellites over the next 3-4 years to its growing fleet.

Prior to ABS, Tom was the founder and CEO of Speedcast. He also worked at Hughes Communications International and at Rockwell International.  He has a MBA and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering both from the University of Southern California.

Tom is a member of the Board of Directors of the Asia Pacific Communications Council (APSCC) and previously served on the Board of CASBAA.

He was indoctrinated into the Satellite Hall of Fame by the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) in 2017. He was the Satellite Executive of the year in 2012 and received the Satellite Executive of the year in Asia Pacific Award 2012 (APSCC).

Rizal Ahmad Fauzi

Olivier Guilbert

Mustapha Elriz

CEO of SAT Consult

Mustapha has an active presence in the satellite sector since 36 years, focusing primarily on emerging regions. In 2006, he created SATConsult, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that supports its customers in the implementation of satellite-based telecommunications infrastructure worldwide. Currently acting as SATConsult’s CEO, he coordinates a team of high-level experts in order to support feasibility studies,  procurement and construction monitoring of space & ground systems. Previously, as RascomStar CEO, he led to the development of the Pan-African satellite project up to the financial closing.

In August 2016, he inked a partnership with Euroconsult and contributed to build a worldwide  advisory group present in all the value chain of satellite consultancy

Session 7

Leslie Klein

CEO & President of C-COM Satellite System Inc.

Leslie Klein is the founder, President and CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. Leslie Klein is an Electrical (Professional) Engineer with MBA and Ph.D. degrees. Dr. Klein was employed by such notable corporations as Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Control Data Corporation, and Nortel Networks/Bell Northern Research. He has been involved in the high-technology business for the past 40 years and has been a founder of a number of successful technology companies.

In May of 2003 the first iNetVu® mobile antenna products started shipping. Today more than 20 different antenna systems are manufactured by C-COM and sold worldwide by over 700 resellers to satellite operators, government agencies, the military, emergency and police forces, TV stations, disaster management, first responders, as well as to oil, gas exploration companies, just to mention a few. There are over 8000 iNetVu®   mobile antennas deployed in more than 103 countries around the world.

Thomas Pfister

Endi Fitri

Business Director of Patrakom

Endi Fitri Herlianto is Business Director PATRAKOM. PATRAKOM is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia engaged in the satellite industry downstream. Endi responsible in maintaining existing customers and create new services and also new segment markets for the domestic market. With 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry where the last 4 years in the satellite business. He has knowledge of the telecommunications market in Indonesia today and the future trend, especially in VSAT for general market and in particular for the maritime market. He can be reached at email

Lee Marston

Director Pre-Sales Engineering of Inmarsat

Lee Marston has been working for Inmarsat for almost 16 years in technical, training and engineering roles. He was appointed Director of the Global Government Pre-Sales Engineering Team last year and brings vast experience and knowledge on Inmarsat products and services. Formerly based in London, Lee moved to Singapore in early 2013 to focus on supporting the Inmarsat distribution channel and its customers in the Asia-Pacific region. He and his global team of engineers provide first class support to partners and help integrate and develop innovative solutions from the diverse Inmarsat portfolio that perfectly fit the requirements of customers from Military to Maritime and everywhere in between.

DR. Agung Harsoyo

Eddie Kato