Date & Place: 16-18 October 2018, Via Renata, Cimacan – Puncak

Language: Indonesia

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This training course is designed to improve knowledge and engineering skill of the participants on the important elements of satellite communication system, so that it can be very helpful and useful to support their professional works. The training will address the major elements and problems on satellite communication system engineering through comprehensive and interactive course lectured by highly experienced professionals/engineers in the industry.

Who Sould Attend

  • Engineer
  • Technician
  • O&M Manager
  • Site Manager/Engineer
  • Sales Engineer

Training Methodology

The methodology will be:

  • A class room
  • Real case study & intensive presentation
  • Calculation and test evaluation
  • Practice

Course Syllabus

Day 1 - Satellite Communication Fundamental

  • State of art satellite communication (2h) (introduction satellite (history, benefit, orbit (geo, meo, leo), services (fss, mss, bss), spectrum (l – ka), emerging technology developments and future trends)
  • Ground segment (antenna, hpa, lna, up/ down converter, modem) (2h)
  • Modulation & coding (2h)
  • Access scheme & topology network (2h)

Day 2 - Sat Com Design & Planning

  • Link budget (concept & simulation) (4h)
  • Transponder management (payload, interference, regulation/recommendation) (2h)
  • Satellite application network (broadcast network, p2p/pmp network, ip network) – (2h)

Day 3 - Satellite Operation and Maintenance

  • Satellite O&M principle, test & measurement (2h)
  • Simulation & practice (—vendor–) (4h)

Course Fee

Rp. 5.700.000


Rp. 5.250.000

ASSI Member

Seminar kit, certificate, refreshments, 3 night accommodations (from 15 October 2018), breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

The latest Registration: 5 October 2018

Contact Person:

  • Atien (
    HP. 0815.613.5001
  • Feti (
    HP. 0818.03000.117

Registration or information also could be obtained at ASSI Secretariat:
Phone +62-22-4521657/58
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