As one embodiment of the role of ASSI in developing human resources in science and technology and its application in the satellite industry, The Indonesian Satellite Association (ASSI), organized several training programs, namely:

  1. Satellite Communication System Engineering Training Course
  2. Fundamental Digital Broadcasting and Multicasting via Satellite
  3. In House Training
This training aimed to improve the knowledge and technical skills of the participants regarding the essential elements of a satellite telecommunications system, so it is expected to be helpful and useful for the improvement of the professional work of the participants.

Training Sat-Comm Engineering

Day 1 // Satellite Communication Overview

  • Satellite Architectures (2 H)
  • Attitude Control Systems and Telemetry, Tracking, Command, & Ranging Systems (2 H)
  • Satellite Communication (2H)
  • IP Satellite System Performance (2H)

Day 2 // Communication Service & Transmission Technology

  • Modulations & Coding Technology (2H)
  • Multiply Access Techniques (2H)
  • Link Budget (2H)
  • Transponder Management (2H)

Day 3 // Operation & Maintenance

  • Operation & Maintenance (2H)
  • Test-Measurements (2H)
  • Satellite Regulation(2H)

Training Broadcasting

Day 1 // Satellite Communication Overview

  1. Satellite System (2H)
    • Spacecraft : Bus and Payload
    • Transponder Management
    • Parameters that affect satellite link quality
    • Ground segment : video head-end, TV up-link, User terminal
  1. Satellite Broadcasting and Multi-casting (2H)
    • Overview on: Video Broadcasting and Multi-casting process, head-end concept
    • Other satellite broadcasting and multi-casting concept: DVB-HS, SDMB etc.
  1. New Trend on Satellite TV Technology and Applications (2H)
    • DMB-S
    • DVB-H S (S-band)
    • MHP (Multi Home Player)
    • TV Industry and Business Overview (2H)
    • The history of TV industry, satellite TV and paid TV
    • Content and distribution mechanism/regime
    • Global, regional and Indonesia paid TV business performance
    • The future trend of paid TV industry

Day 2 // Communication and Content Management

  1. Content management (2H)
    • Principles of content management
    • Encryption techniques
    • Conditional Access Syst
    • Electronic Prog. Guide
  1. Modulation and Coding (2H)
    • QPSK, 8PSK, n-QAM
    • Channel coding
  1. Link budget calculation -1 (2H)
    • Principles of link budget
    • Parameters of link budget
  1. Link budget calculation -2 (2H)
    • Link budget for TV up-link
    • Link budget for paid TV

Day 3 // Performance Aspects & Applications - Regulatory

  1. Video Coding and Compression (2H)
    • MPEG-2, MPEG-4
    • DVB-S2, DVB -RCS
  1. Operation & Maintenance  Aspect (2H)
    • Satellite
    • Head end Management
    • User terminal
    • RF Interference Analysis and Mitigation
  1. ITU and Domestic Regulation on Satellite (2H)
    • ITU Radio Regulation
    • National Regulation on Telecommunication and Broadcasting

In House Training

In-house training programs, provided for companies that want its syllabus prepared in accordance with the needs of human resources (HR) at their respective companies. The composition of the syllabus can be consulted in advance on Team Training Bureau of ASSI.

GVF Training

ASSI cooperate with the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) provide important fundamental training program for VSAT, broadband, maritime and satellite technicians. The program is endorsed and recommended by major satellite operators. GVF provides an effective blend of simulation, interactive, self-paced online training knowledge, hands-on verification capability, and additional class options.

The program offers several training tracks certified:

  1. For fixed VSAT professionals:  GVF Basic, Advanced, and Specialist Satcom Professional certifications.
  2. For marine VSAT professionals: GVF Marine Satcom Professional certifications.
  3. For marine VSAT operators (crew): GVF Marine Satcom Operator certifications.

In this partnership, GVF also offer introductory online training satellite communications (GVF 500), and can arrange additional training classes on topic. see the brochure (PDF) training offered for a complete list of all GVF training.

Full information of GVF training –